Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

What a wonderful 1st Christmas for Addison. Christmas Eve was spent with the Tyson side of the family-with Mom-Dad-Kelly-Anthony-AJ & Samantha. We had a wonderful evening eating roast & potatoes and lots of desserts. We opened gifts one by one and took many pictures. We always begin our Christmas Eve night with the story of baby Jesus & opening the greatest gift & placing the baby Jesus in with the rest of the manger scene. It is a great way to bring us back to why we really celebrate Christmas.

Addisons new Bouncy Seat from Ganmomma & Gandaddy

Harper Fam 1st Christmas with Addison

My niece Samantha (12) & Addison 4 1/2 months

Mom & Dad

Harper Family Christmas 2009

Mommy & Addison in the middle of wardrobe change

Kisses from Mom~she laughs everytime

Santa was sleepy-she threw up all over the both of us after her bottle

Christmas Day we opened gifts & Santa came to visit Addison
She got a pink & white TY puppy
V-Tech learning toy
Books-God Gave You to Us
Mickey Mouse sing along book
Addisons 1st Doll-From Mommy & Daddy
After Christmas at our house we packed up & headed down to Southaven MS for Christmas with the Harpers (Bryan's Dad). Addison got about 4 outfits-Violet V-Tech learning Dog, books, ornaments & all kinds of goodies. Then we headed back to my Mom & Dads for Christmas Dinner.

Santa Baby on Christmas Morning

Addisons Hallmark Collection from Ganmomma 2009
Babys 1st Christmas

Erma & Addison-Tammis Mom from AR

Our Harper Family Christmas Tree 2009

MeMe (Tammi) & Addison
Christmas Day

All of Addisons Goodies from Christmas Eve & Day

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