Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1st Day of Daycare

Well we made it through the 1st day at daycare!!! YAY for MOMMY!! I walked in the daycare & the first thing out of the owners mouth was-welllllll the regular teachers are not here today so we have so & so & so & so taking care of them!! WHAT oh no please not on our 1st day! But when I took Addison in the room she was all smiles-there was so much to watch & do. She did give a funny look to a little boy that was swinging in a swing. It was the "HEY-that's my swing". One of the ladies picked her up & I do believe that she did not put her down for the whole day. Addison did do the pouty face & cry just a little-but was quickly relieved to find her paci. I did pretty good & held up nicely-it was a little odd to leave mini me behind with people that I didn't even know. So I went back at lunch time to check on her & she was sleeping in a swing with her one sock on & one sock off. She likes to play with her feet & hold on to her toes. It was rather cold in the room-so I dressed her warmer today. When I went back to pick her up after work she was awake & still swinging. In all we had 4 bottles & 5 dirty diapers in a day. When I got Addison home she did not want to be put down-which makes doing anything a challenge! So I walked around with her on my hip while I put away the groceries & cooked dinner. Needless to say-she is not getting any lighter! Addison seemed to be upset with the world last night but finally passed out around 10p.m. It was an interesting night seeing as she is usually a pretty content baby. We are hoping that tonight goes a little better. Ali called me & said that we would be going through the adjustment phase-but it will all work out. Amy is extremely pregnant & due any day now!! YAY-then we will all have our babies here!! All 3 of us went to the Christmas Cottage last Saturday & someone called us the Baby Brigade! haha. I do believe that my Mom cried all day yesterday since Addison was not with her. My Mom spoiled Addison so bad that daycare is going to be a pretty big shock to her. I don't think they have time to hold her all day & let her sleep on them. But that is what Ganmommas are for!~

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