Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Growing up so quick!

I can't believe Addison is growing so quick. Last night I finished washing up all of her 6mth clothes & put the 0-3 month away (sniffle sniffle). She can still wear the 0-3 hats because she has a little bitty head. But of course those don't match the outfits in the 6mth category! Ohhhh delima delima! I decided for her 3mth pics to do a feather boa-she was not real excited at her photo shoot-but I took some anyways. We are taking her to see Santa sometime this week & will be getting her picture in her camo dress-for her Daddy. He is excited about it & even asked me to go get her a bow to match her camo dress (ohhhh lordy mae!). Addison has now decided that she is no longer interested in her paci & has moved on to sucking on her bottom lip! Oh goodness-hopefully she won't get that red ring around her bottom lip-I will not be thrilled. She also likes to chew on blankets and suck on her hands-and if you think about taking any of these things away from her she will be less than thrilled with you. She is so funny & just lights up our lives. Our world has changed forever and it is the best change we have ever had. We thank God everyday for this happy-healthy child.
Kisses from Daddy 11/09/2009

Addison-aka Little Heather now she is starting to look like me

Addison laughing at Daddy-a nightly event

So sweet! Addison 3mths with Daddy

Yep nawing on her night night outfit or hands-whatever she
can get in her mouth right now

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