Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, November 30, 2009

First Thanksgiving

Me & My Dad already asleep before the Thanksgiving Crazyness!

My 1st Thanksgiving Family Pic

My new Thanksgiving 2009 bib from Great Aunt Debbie
Addison was having Turkey in a bottle

MeMaw Erma meeting me for the 1st time on Thanksgiving

Me & My Puppy Marley-Chillin on the couch

Addison laughing at Mickey Mouse-Helllloooooo Tummy time!

Addison telling Marley how much she is not interested in Tummy Time

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!! It was go go go. Cousin Jill stayed with us on Wednesday night so she could run in a 4mile Turkey Trot at Shelby Farms on Thursday morning. Me-Jill & Marley attended the event. It was rather cold-with about 1,760 people running in the event. We then got home & got ready to go over to the Tyson Family Thanksgiving. We ate tons and took lots of pictures. Then around 4ish we packed up & headed to Southaven to Bryan's parents house. Addison got to meet her Memaw for the first time & bond with Meme & Poppy. Addison also got to meet her puppy dog 1 1/2 year old boxer for the first time last Sunday. We received a call that Marley had attacked another dog & we were asked to come pick her up. No worries-Marley is not a threat to us or Addison. Only thing we really have to watch is Marley licking Addison upside the face. Which Addison thinks is funny! Anywho this is our Thanksgiving 2009 in a nut shell.

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