Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, October 15, 2009

He took over My Space

In May of 2006 I had added a guy by the name of Bryan to my Myspace page-I kinda thought that he looked like a cute little redneck Georgia Army boy so I added him. Every once in a while I would check & see how his weekend was. Then I got a message saying that he was going to New York to train the new cadets for 3mths & would not be able to communicate with me. Do WHAT! I know I know-So we exchanged numbers & I called him the 1st night that he got to New York. We then talked everyday for hours & hours for a total of 3mths. Then when he got back to S.C. we decided that we would make the drive to meet. He got 2wks of leave in Aug of 06' and he headed to GA 6 1/2 hours & I left Memphis to GA also 6 1/2 hours. My fam was flipping out! My Dad said-So you are going to meet up with a 55 year old janitor!! Good luck! My Mom was not real thrilled either but mainly that I was driving so far to meet a boy. And of course my Grandmother & Grandfather thought I was crazy! But were not suprised. So I backed my car into the Ruby Tuesday parking lot on the exit that Bryan told me to take & I sat & waited. Oh my goodness! Amy was blowing up my phone from the tractor pull & I was so nervous that I called Jill and talked with her till he arrived. He called me when he pulled in the parking lot-but I got to see him 1st because I was backed in to the parking space!! No joke I am that smart! He got out of the car & gave me a beautiful yellow rose. Then we noticed that we had matching outfits on! What are the chances of that?! Brown shirts-faded jeans-brown leather flip flops. On the next day at lunch over burgers he said "I am going to marry you". WOW-Crazy I know! After about 4 days in GA-we called my Mom & asked if it was ok that he follow me home to Memphis for the next week. So off we went to Memphis where he got to meet all of my friends & family. With Bryan still in the US Army we got to see each other 3 times between Aug & Dec & then he asked me to MARRY him on Dec 16-2006!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was supposed to leave for Afghanistan in Feb but we were going to get married when he got back after 18mths. But God heard my prayers & Bryan was medically released from the Army in May of 2007! We were married August 25th 2007 at Germantown Baptist Church-Honeymoon in Riviera Maya. We feel so blessed to have found each other. We are best friends & great lovers. And our story begins................................

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