Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Strong Baby Video

Strong Baby-Addison

New Pics

Addison in her exersaucer & her new puppy

Addison & Marley watchin TV the day after Christmas

Bryan Heather & Addison
December 30th 2009
Liberty Bowl Rodeo
This was Addisons 1st Rodeo

Addison stayed awake the whole time-
she loved watching all of the animals & people

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

What a wonderful 1st Christmas for Addison. Christmas Eve was spent with the Tyson side of the family-with Mom-Dad-Kelly-Anthony-AJ & Samantha. We had a wonderful evening eating roast & potatoes and lots of desserts. We opened gifts one by one and took many pictures. We always begin our Christmas Eve night with the story of baby Jesus & opening the greatest gift & placing the baby Jesus in with the rest of the manger scene. It is a great way to bring us back to why we really celebrate Christmas.

Addisons new Bouncy Seat from Ganmomma & Gandaddy

Harper Fam 1st Christmas with Addison

My niece Samantha (12) & Addison 4 1/2 months

Mom & Dad

Harper Family Christmas 2009

Mommy & Addison in the middle of wardrobe change

Kisses from Mom~she laughs everytime

Santa was sleepy-she threw up all over the both of us after her bottle

Christmas Day we opened gifts & Santa came to visit Addison
She got a pink & white TY puppy
V-Tech learning toy
Books-God Gave You to Us
Mickey Mouse sing along book
Addisons 1st Doll-From Mommy & Daddy
After Christmas at our house we packed up & headed down to Southaven MS for Christmas with the Harpers (Bryan's Dad). Addison got about 4 outfits-Violet V-Tech learning Dog, books, ornaments & all kinds of goodies. Then we headed back to my Mom & Dads for Christmas Dinner.

Santa Baby on Christmas Morning

Addisons Hallmark Collection from Ganmomma 2009
Babys 1st Christmas

Erma & Addison-Tammis Mom from AR

Our Harper Family Christmas Tree 2009

MeMe (Tammi) & Addison
Christmas Day

All of Addisons Goodies from Christmas Eve & Day

Thursday, December 24, 2009

1st Ear Infection

Sadness! On Monday I got a call from the daycare saying that Addison was running a 101 fever. So I left work & picked her up and headed to the doctor. I got worked in with Dr. Larkin thanks to the nurse Mrs. Pat! It does help that I was a patient when I was little. Addison was not running a fever at the doctors office-but when Dr. Larkin looked at her ears the left one was infected & the right one had the start of an infection. So yesterday (Wednesday) Addison then started with a cough & a cold & all stuffy! It is no fun & I feel so bad for her. Poor Baby. Hopefully the Amoxicillian will take care of it all. No fun being sick for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Get Ready Get Set!! Charge your batteries for your cameras!!! YAY Christmas is here!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Christmas Pics 4mths old

Addison loves to take pictures
(Ok fine-I lied!-I like to take her picture)

Santa Booty Baby

Addison as Santa Claus 2009

Our lovely Marley Dec 2009

4 Months Old-Already!!

Addison is officially 4 months old as of December 6th 2009. We had her shots on Monday-so far so good. She is the perfect picture of health!! THANK YOU GOD! She is 24 inches long & 15 pounds and cute as a button. She laughs when we laugh or if you open your mouth at her-it makes her giggle! I love every moment that I get to see her smiling face. She is getting so big!~Still wearing 6mth clothes. I have already started shopping for 9mth clothes. Looks like we will be out of our adorable 12mth clothes that we bought before she was born before the summer. I won't be pre-buying for the next baby. Here are a couple of pics from her 4mth check-up and some Santa pics that I am working on.

Addison watching herself in the mirror at her 4 month appointment

Sweet Baby Harper

A try at some Christmas Pictures

Ummm still workin on it.

Addison over the Christmas pictures!

Monday, December 7, 2009

1st Trip to Missouri almost 4mths old

WOW-time is flying by so quickly! Addison turned 4 months old yesterday. She is such a little trooper-she road in the car to Missouri on Friday for 5 hours. We did not take her swing-so she had to sleep in the travel crib that we got. She did awesome!! And even let us sleep in on Saturday & Sunday. She was worn out from being passed around the family all weekend. Uncle Larry retired from 23 years of service with the US Army!! YAY for him!! Bryan got to go to the party while I stayed at the hotel with Addison. She slept-so I was rather bored! Saturday morning we met the whole family at Cracker Barrel in St. Roberts MO for breakfast. Then Bryan & I headed to Osaga Beach MO to the outlet malls. It was AWESOME!!! I bought Addison a few things & we were able to buy my lovely Christmas present. (Can't tell ya what it is-or it wouldn't be a suprise at Christmas time). haha then we ventured back 45min to Uncle Larry & Aunt Staceys house for a cook-out & family bonding time. It was a great weekend. We got to spend lots of time together-just the 3 of us. Marley stayed with our friends David & Jonell in Oakland for the weekend. Sunday night we came back in town & attended Justin (our neighbors-30th b-day party). It was all in all a great long weekend. Missouri was really really cold! About 14 degrees at night & 30 during the day. Needless to say-I will not be moving up North! Addison is still attending daycare & so far everything is going great. She takes 6oz bottles every 3hours. This morning we had to wake her up to take her bottle-guess we wore her out over the weekend.

Bryan & Addison-already teaching her how to drive
Missouri Trip for Uncle Larry Retirement from the ARMY

Addison laughing at Daddy @ Sonic

Ahhhh Mom with the camera AGAIN

Addison all bundled up for the Cold Missouri weather
Ugg boots & all-This kid was not going to get cold~

Dec 5th 2009 chillin in her diapee

Addison & Mommy Dec 5th

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1st Day of Daycare

Well we made it through the 1st day at daycare!!! YAY for MOMMY!! I walked in the daycare & the first thing out of the owners mouth was-welllllll the regular teachers are not here today so we have so & so & so & so taking care of them!! WHAT oh no please not on our 1st day! But when I took Addison in the room she was all smiles-there was so much to watch & do. She did give a funny look to a little boy that was swinging in a swing. It was the "HEY-that's my swing". One of the ladies picked her up & I do believe that she did not put her down for the whole day. Addison did do the pouty face & cry just a little-but was quickly relieved to find her paci. I did pretty good & held up nicely-it was a little odd to leave mini me behind with people that I didn't even know. So I went back at lunch time to check on her & she was sleeping in a swing with her one sock on & one sock off. She likes to play with her feet & hold on to her toes. It was rather cold in the room-so I dressed her warmer today. When I went back to pick her up after work she was awake & still swinging. In all we had 4 bottles & 5 dirty diapers in a day. When I got Addison home she did not want to be put down-which makes doing anything a challenge! So I walked around with her on my hip while I put away the groceries & cooked dinner. Needless to say-she is not getting any lighter! Addison seemed to be upset with the world last night but finally passed out around 10p.m. It was an interesting night seeing as she is usually a pretty content baby. We are hoping that tonight goes a little better. Ali called me & said that we would be going through the adjustment phase-but it will all work out. Amy is extremely pregnant & due any day now!! YAY-then we will all have our babies here!! All 3 of us went to the Christmas Cottage last Saturday & someone called us the Baby Brigade! haha. I do believe that my Mom cried all day yesterday since Addison was not with her. My Mom spoiled Addison so bad that daycare is going to be a pretty big shock to her. I don't think they have time to hold her all day & let her sleep on them. But that is what Ganmommas are for!~

Monday, November 30, 2009

Updated Addison Pics


Addison 3 1/2 months-working on our Christmas Pics

Love Love Love this Pic!!

Addison after taking her Turkey Bottle

First Thanksgiving

Me & My Dad already asleep before the Thanksgiving Crazyness!

My 1st Thanksgiving Family Pic

My new Thanksgiving 2009 bib from Great Aunt Debbie
Addison was having Turkey in a bottle

MeMaw Erma meeting me for the 1st time on Thanksgiving

Me & My Puppy Marley-Chillin on the couch

Addison laughing at Mickey Mouse-Helllloooooo Tummy time!

Addison telling Marley how much she is not interested in Tummy Time

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!! It was go go go. Cousin Jill stayed with us on Wednesday night so she could run in a 4mile Turkey Trot at Shelby Farms on Thursday morning. Me-Jill & Marley attended the event. It was rather cold-with about 1,760 people running in the event. We then got home & got ready to go over to the Tyson Family Thanksgiving. We ate tons and took lots of pictures. Then around 4ish we packed up & headed to Southaven to Bryan's parents house. Addison got to meet her Memaw for the first time & bond with Meme & Poppy. Addison also got to meet her puppy dog 1 1/2 year old boxer for the first time last Sunday. We received a call that Marley had attacked another dog & we were asked to come pick her up. No worries-Marley is not a threat to us or Addison. Only thing we really have to watch is Marley licking Addison upside the face. Which Addison thinks is funny! Anywho this is our Thanksgiving 2009 in a nut shell.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Addison 3mths getting ready to head to Cousin Bryce 1st Birthday Party in MS
Addison is changing day by day. She recently has decided that she has her own schedule & doesn't really
seem to care whether I have one or not. She knows we are supposed to be in the car by 7:25 & if we are
not-then she starts crying & whining. That is her nap on the way to Ganmommas house. She also throws the same fit at 6pm when I go to pick her up. She knows that she is supposed to get her nap on the way back to our house. Funny how little people are on their own schedules. She is such a good baby! Other than the occasional 1a.m. feeding she usually sleeps from 9p.m.-5:30a.m. She is in size 2 diapers & is taking 4-6oz of milk every 3hrs.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Growing up so quick!

I can't believe Addison is growing so quick. Last night I finished washing up all of her 6mth clothes & put the 0-3 month away (sniffle sniffle). She can still wear the 0-3 hats because she has a little bitty head. But of course those don't match the outfits in the 6mth category! Ohhhh delima delima! I decided for her 3mth pics to do a feather boa-she was not real excited at her photo shoot-but I took some anyways. We are taking her to see Santa sometime this week & will be getting her picture in her camo dress-for her Daddy. He is excited about it & even asked me to go get her a bow to match her camo dress (ohhhh lordy mae!). Addison has now decided that she is no longer interested in her paci & has moved on to sucking on her bottom lip! Oh goodness-hopefully she won't get that red ring around her bottom lip-I will not be thrilled. She also likes to chew on blankets and suck on her hands-and if you think about taking any of these things away from her she will be less than thrilled with you. She is so funny & just lights up our lives. Our world has changed forever and it is the best change we have ever had. We thank God everyday for this happy-healthy child.
Kisses from Daddy 11/09/2009

Addison-aka Little Heather now she is starting to look like me

Addison laughing at Daddy-a nightly event

So sweet! Addison 3mths with Daddy

Yep nawing on her night night outfit or hands-whatever she
can get in her mouth right now